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We help employers meet their legal responsibilities and minimise their risk of potential legal liability by providing training across a wide variety of workplace issues, including briefings on:

  • Appropriate workplace behaviour, such as anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Employee fraud
  • Performance management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Making dismissals bulletproof
  • Union right of entry
  • Conducting workplace investigations
  • Complaint handling for contact officials
  • Negotiation skills
  • Difficult conversations
  • New legislation briefings

We tailor our training to clients' business needs and use industry specific examples to ensure that the key points are absorbed by employees, line managers, managers and board members for a lasting result.

We have also partnered with online training and compliance management provider, Learning Seat, to deliver a range of innovative online compliance training programs for workplaces nationwide, called The S.A.F.E. Files.

This suite of compliance training products comprehensively covers workplace law, and offers a fun and engaging way of delivering compliance training for maximum information retention. There are eight modules in total, including workplace bullying, workplace health and safety, electronic communication and social media in the workplace. See below for more about implementing the S.A.F.E. Files in your workplace.

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Appropriate workplace behaviour

This type of session is useful for informing employees of the behaviour expected of them at work, but is also useful in assisting employers in establishing a legal defence that they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent unlawful discrimination or harassment in their workplace.

We use case examples relevant to an employer\'s industry to illustrate key points, and aim for our session to be as interactive and entertaining as possible.

Numerous discrimination cases confirm that employers training their employees as to the behaviour expected of them at work is a reasonable step employers must take to prevent discrimination and avoid vicarious liability.

In addition, this kind of training has also been used to justify terminating employment in unfair dismissal cases, in that the employee was warned in a training session that such behaviour would result in termination.

Compliance training - The S.A.F.E. Files

Lander & Rogers has partnered with Australia's leading online training and compliance management provider, Learning Seat, to deliver a range of innovative online compliance training programs for workplaces nationwide.

As those who purchase and run compliance training sessions would know, compliance training is generally viewed by staff as a "necessary evil" and is notorious for being boring.

The S.A.F.E. Files compliance suite has been designed with employees in mind. It comprehensively covers workplace law, and offers a fun and engaging way of delivering compliance training for maximum information retention.

What is covered in the compliance suite modules? 

  • Workplace bullying 
  • Equal employment opportunity 
  • Privacy 
  • Electronic communication and social media in the workplace 
  • Consumer law 
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace 
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct 
  • Workplace health and safety

Benefits to your organisation 

  • Reduce business risk and executive liability through effective staff and contractor training. 
  • Less text, better content - training is entertaining and memorable. 
  • Text and image combination - means improved retention by employees. 
  • Less time away from work - each module only takes up to 40 minutes to complete. 
  • In the office or on the go - training can be completed on PC, laptop or tablet. 
  • Overcome language and literacy barriers - graphic narrative design makes content accessible for anyone at any language or literacy level.

Further information

Take steps today to ensure that your workplace is safe, appropriate, fair and equitable. Please speak with Derek Humphery-Smith about implementing the S.A.F.E. Files in your workplace.


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Conducting workplace investigations

Many employers have suffered the consequences of a flawed workplace investigation. Our dedicated training provides employers with important insight into what makes a sound workplace investigation. Our training covers:

  • How to make an allegation of misconduct
  • What rights the accused employee has
  • The concept of "natural justice"
  • How to ensure confidentiality
  • How to avoid victimisation
  • Managing the employee grapevine and external media interest
  • What to include in a manager's file notes 

Employee fraud: the truth about deception

Employee fraud is a growing problem in Australian workplaces, particularly in the wake of the GFC. Our fraud prevention workshop raises awareness around the sensitive issue of workplace fraud. Our workshop covers: 

  • The financial and personal cost of employee fraud
  • Identifying potential opportunities for fraud which exist in a client\'s workplace
  • Examples of fraudulent employees in other workplaces
  • Managing police involvement in a workplace
  • The pitfalls of internal fraud investigations
  • The importance of the presumption of innocence
  • The very real prospect of jail time for employees who commit workplace fraud 

Making dismissals bulletproof

This session helps managers to understand the unfair dismissal regime, which has undergone many changes over the last decade. As a result, many managers have incorrect ideas about what the system does or does not allow and this can lead to employers making mistakes in providing what would otherwise be a fair process.

Our training covers:

  • How to make allegations against employees and provide an opportunity for them to respond
  • Tips about practical steps managers can take during a disciplinary process to ensure any dismissal is defensible
  • Myths about the process including the infamous "right to three warnings" 

OH&S: Incident Management 101

An incident involving a safety breach is often traumatic, and can become even worse if a WorkSafe investigation and prosecution is launched against an underprepared employer.

Our incident management sessions give employers an idea of:

  • What to expect when WorkSafe visits
  • How emergency services will respond to an incident
  • What an employer and employee's rights and obligations are in such a situation
  • Practical steps to minimise any long term damage to their business resulting from safety incidents, in both the legal and non-legal sense

Our team will give an insight into their practical experience and how you can learn lessons from other employers' past mistakes.

Client success story

We recently conducted "Appropriate Workplace Behaviour" training for an international airline across its Australian and overseas operations. This involved on-site training at six international airports, including Auckland, New Zealand.

A significant focus of this training was to empower line managers to protect female customer service staff at international check-in from abusive passengers. This abuse usually stemmed from imposing excess baggage levies. Our client's line managers had previously failed to appreciate that "the customer is not always right", and this has now been remedied following our training.


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